Innovative Engineering Solution

We pride ourselves of the ability to provide innovative approach to any project as we believe that
every project should have its own uniqueness in pattern, we make use of an advanced technological
process from start to completion. The complexity in our approach is why we use the word
“innovative” and “solution” thereby allowing you to focus less on the outcome of a project and focus
more on other things. We provide innovative approach in the following ways:
Our ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN staff serve as coordinators of
projects to create buildings from scratch and oversee entire
projects that respond to the requirements of clients.
In order to
・realize function, quality and performance as desired by our
・create buildings as social assets and create client value and
・provide environmentally friendly buildings and contribute to
our expert staff who have diverse experience and track records
provide services that ensure satisfaction in terms of building
safety, comfort, maintenance, cost and environmental
considerations among other factors. From planning and design
to construction supervision to follow-up and maintenance, we
work as a trustworthy partner.
We propose STRUCTURAL DESIGN that ensure safety and security by making full
use of cutting-edge technologies. Our technologies are assured and are backed by
ample experience in general construction.
We respond to the diverse requirements of our clients with established systems,
such as collaborations with highly knowledgeable and experienced individuals, use
of state-of-the-art structural analysis technologies and structural design.

Through building ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN facility and the latest conscious designs,
we aim to increase the asset value of buildings for our clients by making proposals
that reduce the use of resources and energy consumption, as well as through
operational improvement and maintenance after buildings are completed. Our
environments that consider the balance of a building’s environmental performance
and energy efficiency with lifecycle cost, while making full use of the latest equipment
and environmental technologies.
LANDSCAPE DESIGN, an outdoor terrace showered in sunlight shining through the
trees, a rooftop garden where visitors smile, a garden of various trees that incorporate
the natural vegetation of the area.
Through collaboration with building designers and landscape architects, we give shape
to our clients’ ideas and propose the creation of spaces friendly to people and the
Our COST MANAGEMENT experts play a central role from the planning stage of a
project to the work order and changes during construction. Based on clients’
requirements and project conditions, we calculate appropriate construction costs
using calculation methods specific to each stage of design, based on cost data
derived from analysis and collected from past records, while also taking social
economic trends into consideration. In this way, we support economical design
and manage construction costs.
To realize clients’ design requirements, we ensure quality and turn them into reality.
Transparency is ensured during designing, construction, and other project stages
while construction processes and details of work by general contractors are clarified
from a client standpoint. Organizing supervisory teams comprised of experts and
designers with a wealth of experience in construction supervision, we respond flexibly
to changes in client requirements and provide necessary services to realize
architecture that matches client needs.